Is the GeMS course for me?
The GeMS course has been designed for all those considering a career in medicine and planning to apply for a place at a UK medical school. The vast majority of attendees are either 6th formers, gap year students, or recent graduates.

I intend to apply for dentistry/veterinary medicine. Can I come?
Most of the principles involved in applying to dentistry or veterinary medicine are the same as for medicine, and students applying to either benefit from the GeMS course almost as much as those applying to medicine.

When should I attend the GeMS course?
Most people attend the course in the year preceding their UCAS application. However, it is usually a good idea to come earlier than this as it gives you more time to think about and strengthen your application.

Can I only book courses through Paypal?
You can also book courses by cheque or, if from abroad, by bank transfer. Please contact us.

I am a principal, teacher, or CA. Can I book my students?
Yes, please contact us for a quotation. In many cases, we can also run tailor-made courses in Oxford or at your school.

Do you also provide coaching for entry into science or arts subjects?
Yes, depending on the skills and availability of our tutors. Please contact us.

I cannot afford the course fees. Is help available?
One of the aims of the course is to broaden access to medicine. With this in mind, a limited number of bursaries or part-bursaries are available to those in genuine financial need. Please contact us. Alternatively or in addition, speak to your principal or careers adviser and ask whether funding or part-funding can be provided by your college or school.

Are food and drink included in the fees?
Yes, the fees for the GeMS course, UKCAT course, and BMAT course include a 2-course seated hot lunch, cold drinks, and tea and coffee. Note that lunch is not provided on the Medical Interview course as it begins at 1pm.

Is the Oxford tour on the GeMS course included in the fees?
Yes. Please note that, in case of bad weather, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the tour.

Do you provide handouts?
Yes. At the end of every course, attendees are given a handout covering all the material in the course.

At what time do the courses start and finish?
The GeMS course and UKCAT course begin at 10am sharp and end at 5:15pm. The BMAT course begins at 10am sharp and ends at 5:30pm. The Medical Interview course begins at 1pm and ends at 6pm.

How do I get to Oxford?
If travelling from London on public transport, you can either take the coach from Victoria (approx. 1 hour 30 minutes) or the train from Paddington (approx. 1 hour). If travelling by car, Oxford is about 15 minutes from junction 8 or 9 of the M40. Turl Street is in the pedestrianised central area, but there is metered parking close by on Broad Street. If you need to park for more than just a short while, you should use the city’s frequent ‘Park and Ride’ service. Oxford is not a car-friendly city!

I am travelling from far. Can accommodation be arranged?
If you are travelling from the Channel Islands, the North of England, Scotland, or abroad, accommodation can usually be arranged at a small extra cost.